Hi there. Its been a while. Fair to say most would know the events that took place on the 11th. Earthquake, Tsunami, and the Nuclear threat. This has posponed my uploads even further from the busy few weeks prior to the event. Apologies.

I have been rather shaken up after being through the earthquake last year in New Zealand (M 7.1) and now this event in Japan (M 9.0). I have left the country as the threat of Nuclear meltdown is evident. That fact that there is contamination in the air, water, and vedgetables means the situation is not over. I was rather dissapointed to hear that my job had come to a close on the field as they closed up soon after the Nuclear problems.

Here are a slice of photo's from the last month. The last few a disappointing one as the crew had been building this course for the Alts Jam competition. I got the chance to hit it up the night before the earthquake testing the items to ensure correct construction.


Whats Up!

Whats up is that it has been a hectic few days building more of the parks and creating a good vibe for the punters tomorrow! We have now got a surf ride park that is way sicker than in sounds with hips transfers and banks! so much fun~! The main park with night riding has a four jump line and a stack of rails and boxes! Its mint. The beginner line with 5 small tables and 5 jibs. Also the superpipe snowmaking continues as we are almost ready to shape. Saying all this i am almost ready to start filming and building up the shots for this season. She has been a fairly slow start up but kind of relaxed too. It's great to be back riding with the same percentage as working! I Love snowboarding! A few pics from the building and me in the cab of the cat with a sad expression on my face. You know how hard it is to take your own photo. It always comes out weird or sad looking. Gotta get more natural and relaxed! Film session tomorrow! Thanks for keeping me within your loop.


Snowing again!

Pow Pow again!

Big Boy first time grill action and the big boy himself is about to get covered up in a snow storm.

Back to work diggin in the AM. Stoked to get more snow as now we can get some bigger shapes on the go.


Good Days.

An epic day today started off by building some new features. Mine was the high box and we also did a cannon box. Good fun to ride. The digger team all had a big session on the park first thing after fresh shape. Few jumps couple of twirly birds, some jibbing. Weather was good and even scored a wee pow drop in the early arvo. Today was a good day!

Mini Action


Mystical forest.

Today was an epic journey outside the ski area to a mystical forest of fun times. Pow in abundance good crew and a first time ride of an unknown course. A few spots were tight and little hiking to be done but it was all worth it in the end. About an hour of riding to get to the bottom but only 20 minutes of which was hiking so all in all good riding.

Basicly a check out for later on when the snow gets a little deeper so its going to be sweet once things get going! Catch you all on the flipside.



So i have been driving the machines the last few weeks. In fact slowly my job is getting more into the driving seat rather than on the end of a spork. Its been great to learn the capabilities of the Bombardier Snow Cat. I have so far helped out with maintaining our mini park, course next to the park, and tonight helped out a bit in the superpipe.

I reallt appreciate the opportunity to work inn a machine and learn more skills so a big thanks to the Alts/Nekoma park crew. Below a shot of the warm up view of Inawashiro Lake. Nice sunrise today!



The chill mag is out with summer fun. Few shots from on the fixie went in and was cool to be a part of it. This is some of the content. Photo's www.rileybathurst.com


Digga Pati.

Today was a meeting for all the crew involved with Alts/Nekoma parks. what an epic crew here 17 strong! We had a good planing session for the winter and a great start to the plans for winter.

Thanks to all the crew for an epic opportunity!!! The mission on Jamies wagon!

Jamie lynn has a passion to fight with trees!!
The crew.
Kosuke is Kosuke!!